La muerte de Robert Capa

8 abril 2010

(Pie de foto en el War Remnants Museum de Saigon, Vietnam. Es una nota que publicó la revista Life y que acompaña en el museo la última foto que sacó el fotoperiodista Robert Capa justo antes de morir)

The death of Robert Capa

He said: “This is going to be a beautiful story”

… On his Delta tour Capa had got the idea of a picture to be entitled “Bitter Rice”. His plan was to dramatize the contrast of tanks next to peasants working in the paddies, of men dying in the struggle for the rice harvest.
The sun beat down fiercely…
Capa was exquisitely bored and climbed up on the road, saying, “I am going up the road a little bit…”. This was about 2:50 pm.
At 2:55 the earth shook from a heavy explosion.
… I was making notes on this when a helmeted soldier arrived…
Without a trace of emotion the lieutenant said, “Le photographe est mort”. I understood the words but it didn’t register.
… I jumped up and ran with the soldier down the ditch.
… At the foot of the dike across the V formed by the bending road Capa lay on his back…
One camera was clutched in his left hand. I began calling his name. The second or third time his lips moved slightly like those of a man disturbed in sleep. That was his last movement. It was 3:10 pm.
The doctor asked, “Is this the first Amercain correspondent killed in Indochina?” I said yes. He said, “It’s a harsh way for America to learn”.

(John Mecklin, Time- LIFE correspondent who accompanied Robert Capa on his last assignment)

Nam Dinh, South of Hanoi, Vietnam
May 25th, 1954

(Murió en la loma de la derecha en la foto)